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You can get additional information as regards my research and professional activities on the following websites which are:


Viadeo (French website)

You can have access to my PhD thesis via this website: 

(A full bibliography of the Multiple Modality system is drawn up at the end of the thesis)

And I also have a webpage on the French regional website called Monorientest:

My first paper on Multiple Modals is published on this web address of the Canadian review Linguistica Atlantica (Vol 34, No 1, 2015):

Five additional manuscripts on the Multiple Modality system in Southern Scotland have been published since 2015. You will find them in the following linguistic journals:

Scottish Language (Vol. 34 in 2015, Vol. 36 in 2017 and Vol 38 in 2019)

Colloquium, New Philologies (Vol 3 Issue 1 July 2018 & Vol 3 Issue 2 December 2018)

The fifth field survey in South-Eastern Scotland (East-Lothian county) was conducted from August 13 to August 21 2018 to know more about the current usage of the Scots syntax in four towns: Dunbar, North Berwick, Haddington & Musselburgh. A seventh paper based on this latest research was sent to Colloquium, New Philologies (Vol 5) in 2020. Two more were written in 2021/2022. One of the two came out in January 2024 in “Scottish Language”.