What you need to know!

I am a French citizen living in the Lorraine region (North-Eastern part of France) at present.

I have been practising the English language and its modern dialects for over 20 years.

I taught the English language in different secondary schools (De-La Salle in Metz and St. Chrétienne in St-Avold and The French junior high school entitled Collège les Gaudinettes) followed by a 4-month experience as a translator for the GIS-MIC company located in the Technopole Center in Metz (fields of penetrant testing, magnetic testing, non-destructive tests). I also taught general and technical English for three years at the CCI training centre in Metz Technopole and for two years in the following association called association de la côte, famille rurale in Lorry Mardiny.

Currently I am a trainer in English and French at Berlitz in Luxemburgville. As a freelancer, my recently-created business V-English proposes different types of general and/or professional courses in British and American English. Grammar practice and conversation activities are equally taken into account in my methodology. I explain how the English language works in a non-conformist pedagogical way. I have a welter of course sheets describing the reality of Standard British and North American syntax and lexicon when working on CVs, cover letters, and phone conversations, when working on specific jargons during meetings and when translating documents. My methodology allows anyone to speak and write both British and American English efficiently on a daily basis. Any types of topics are tackled during conversation activities.

Publishing my manuscripts in Anglophone journals and presenting my posters and power points in conferences and workshops are part of my regular research activities.

You can contact me anytime if you wish to have a series of English courses for general or specific purposes.  Do not hesitate to ask me some questions about my research as well.

Anthony R. BOUR